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Locally sourced cannabis

with history.

Coming from a humble beginning with a love for cannabis culture, we set out to create an affordable product without sacrificing quality.  We source the highest-grade cannabis grown in the infamous Emerald Triangle of Northern California.  Back behind the “Redwood Curtain'' lies a culture and way of life that has deep roots with the Cannabis plant.  Farmers in this area have worked with the land and developed unique farming practices and strains that utilize the natural elements to harness some of the most superior grown cannabis in the world.  It is our mission to share the stories and magical products from these cannabis pioneers.  Our product is simple really, we support our local farmers and community while providing the user with a consistent easy to use product of the highest quality. Roll-it, pack-it, wrap-it.

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Meet The Farmers

Red Woods Cannabis provides quality cannabis at an affordable price that is ready to roll with you anywhere.  We are proud to showcase the farmers we work with whom have their own unique story and are remarkably diverse in their own person and approach on life.  These farmers all carry an intimate relationship with the land they work and live.  For them growing cannabis is much more than an occupation but a way of life that requires a tremendous amount of grit and patience. Combining decades of experience with cutting edge genetics Red Woods is honored to share products and stories from these Legacy farms in Northern California. 


Spire Ridge Farms

Willow Creek, CA

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Tucked behind an iron gate down a long windy dirt road lies a secret garden.  Behind the mountains, large rivers and vast forest stands a man.  Perched up on a ridge looking upon a scenery of endless valleys to the West, Percy gathers his thoughts.  He contemplates life and plans out his next long day of hard work.  Over the last 15 years Percy has poured his blood, sweat and tears into creating his farm.  Along with cannabis, he has cultivated the intangibles such as friendships, dreams, family, and opportunities for many.  
Throughout history many of mankind’s most symbolic and spiritual buildings have been decorated with spires.  The Washington Monument, Cathedrals, and Egyptian Temples all coming to a focal point that connects the spirits above to the ground below.  Just outside the town of Willow Creek, escaping the shadows of prohibition another type of Spire has arisen in the form of big, beautiful Cannabis colas.  
Spire Ridge boast a beautiful selection of cannabis flowers from popular strains to unique genetics that have been handcrafted over many years and can only be found here.  Every year brings its new sets of challenges, but through perseverance and passion the team pushes through to the end in hopes to create a product so good that it to inSpires you.


Humboldt Edge Farm

Willow Creek, CA

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Humboldt Edge Farm, is a true Mom N Pop farm located just above the powerful Trinity River on the outskirts of the quaint town of Willow Creek.  Nurtured by two laid-back bad ass humans, Matt & Sam Nagel, this farm receives a tremendous amount of love and attention in order to produce a product of the highest quality.  Sam who is meticulous, thorough and kind by nature, and Matt who may just be the chillest guy on this dang planet, truly pour the heart and soul into this farm. The harmonious balance these two have with one another and their farm can be experienced every time you ingest their delicious herb.   Humboldt Edge truly embodies the terms “craft” and “small batch” cannabis, and while the size of the farm may not be impressive, do not be fooled because the quality of cannabis that comes out of it sure is.   Consider this a PSA because this place brings the HEAT! 

 So come! Live life on the Edge! and experience big things from this little farm in Willow Creek.

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Uplift Cannabis Co-Op

Mattole Valley, CA

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Red Woods is pleased to be working with some of the wonderful members of the Uplift Co-Op in the magical Mattole Valley in Humboldt County, Ca.  These group of men and women who have withstand the trials of prohibition and have come together to stand united in the name of cannabis and community.  Below is in excerpt from their website, we are so honored to share with you their stories and of course their world class herb.

Mattole Uplift Cooperative is a group of Humboldt County small family farmers who reside in the Mattole Watershed.  As a community owned and operated organization, Uplift provides support to our farms so we can produce the highest quality of cannabis and build our community.

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