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Premium Ground Flower

Red Woods combines great flavor with ease in a custom roll-your-own pouch that is ready for anything. Every bag from Red Woods was hand selected from Legacy Farmers in the remote regions of Northern California. We work closely with these ganja wizards who help manifest some of the best cannabis grown in the entire world. Every bag comes with a “crutch card” that is branded with the logo of the farm that grew that particular cannabis. We encourage you to get to know the farmers, it can truly make for a greater experience when we get to know the whole story of where our products come from. Through our proprietary manufacturing process, we provide a bag that is perfectly grounded up with 100 premium sun-grown cannabis flower to ensure that every joint, spliff, blunt or bong will taste just as good as the last. Accompanied with a pack organic hemp rolling papers and crutches, Red Woods is the perfect fit to travel with you on life’s journey. We hope you enjoy the ride.

100% Premium Flower

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Retain & Resonate

  • Looking to calm down while retaining the ability to focus and interact?  These well-balanced hybrid strains are great before a yoga class, hitting the dance floor, or socializing with friends.  So come, hold a vibe and put all your worries aside.

  • Well balanced level of terpenes to deliver an uplifting yet relaxing experience to carry throughout the day.

  • Euphoric, calm, mentally alert and soothing.

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Rize & Rejuvenate

  • To all those mountain climbers, dawn patrol surfers, gym rats, thrill seekers and epic moment makers, this ones for you. roll that joint, spark that bowl and get ready to rock ‘n roll.  Expect an uplifting, cerebral experiencing that will help charge you through your next adventure.

  • Prevalent Terpenes found: Limonene, Pinene, Terpinolene,  

  • Alert, creative, energizing, uplifting

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Root & Reset

  • Kick off those muddy boots, shed the stress of the work week and reconnect with yourself and the world around you.  Turn on your favorite album, binge watch TV, or open your favorite book.  It’s time to unplug and reset your mind, body, and soul.

  • Prevalent terpenes: Myrcene , Caryophyllene

  • Sedative, relaxing, physical and mental relaxing

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